Cover “I Don’t Play No Rock ’n’ Roll”


II'm proud to announce the release of my new album “I Don’t Play No Rock ’n’ Roll”. Listen here on Spotify.

The album was recorded live in my home studio in Oldehove, the Netherlands. No overdubs. It’s also my first solo-album.

Home is where the heart is
So find yourself a heart
You’re a big boy in a grown up world
It’a new beginning it’s a new beginning
It’s a brand new start


Born in 1957.
At the age of fourteen he started playing the guitar and writing songs in the Blues tradition.
In his twenties he switched to the double bass and studied Jazz at the Conservatory in Groningen, Netherlands.
Meanwhile, he continued to write songs. However, it was not until 2014 that he released his first album.
He mainly writes melancholy, sometimes cryptic texts about love, desire, fear, life and death. His dark baritone voice provides the appropriate atmosphere and that is also described as:
“Almost talkative musing with a wonderful mix of resignation, humor and tragedy”(Peter van der Heide, Dagblad van het Noorden).
The circle is now complete. It ends where it once began: playing guitar and writing songs in the Blues tradition.